Getting Started with Buddler

Welcome to Buddler!

This article contains the main points to help you quickly figure out how to work with our service. We are currently in beta testing, so feedback is important to us.

If you encounter any difficulties or want to share your impressions of using the service, please email us at

What is Buddler, and how does it work?

Buddler is an online tool designed for conducting SEO audits, even for those without technical knowledge. 

We have developed algorithms that consider the analyzed website’s unique characteristics. Our algorithms enable us to generate data for various timeframes and quickly analyze and curate the most beneficial insights specific to your needs using Google Search Console (GSC) as our primary source. 

To analyze text relevance, we also examine the textual content of your site.

Buddler is available on desktop and mobile devices, but we recommend using the desktop version for detailed work with tables during comprehensive audits.

Where to begin?

Sign up in Buddler

Getting started with Buddler is easy. Sign in using Google authorization by clicking the ‘Sign in with Google’ button in the header of this site or by visiting  

To log in, ensure you use the exact account to which your sites are connected in Google Search Console. Providing access to Google Search Console data is essential — this must be checked manually in the authorization form.

After authorization, you need to review the license agreement and a set of legal documents and then accept them. You can also revisit these documents at any time on the website by navigating to the “Legal Info” section.

Once you have accepted the legal documents, the registration process is complete, and you will be redirected to the “My Projects” section. Here, you should see the sites where you can view statistics in the Google Search Console.

If you are logged in from an account for which no sites are available in GSC, a message will be displayed at this stage.

If you mistakenly chose the wrong account to which your sites are linked, click the “Log in with another Google account” button and log in with the correct account.

If you have not worked in Google Search Console before, please get in touch with your site administrator or SEO specialist to grant your Google account access to view GSC information for the sites you want to work with in Buddler.

Getting Started: Interface Overview

1. My projects section: Audit launch

This section displays projects eligible for an audit. These are the sites for which you have access to view statistics in Google Search Console.

At the beta testing stage, Buddler operates with specific restrictions on the minimum and maximum size of sites. If your site does not comply with these restrictions, the project preview will display an alert describing the problem. You can find a list and detailed description of alerts in the ‘My Projects’ section under the “Alerts” article.

Click the “Launch your first audit” button to launch the audit. Launching and receiving a preview of an audit with Traffic Opportunity Metrics is free; you only pay if you decide to purchase the full version of the audit.

When the audit is launched, the project preview will appear like this:

2. Notifications: learning that the audit is ready

You will receive a pop-up notification when the completed audit is available in the system. An indicator displaying the number of unread notifications will also appear on the notification icon.

To open the notification history panel, click on the bell icon. You can mark a notification as read by hovering your mouse over it or clicking “Mark all as read”.

3. Project page: studying a preview of the complete audit

You can access the project page with audit results for a specific site by clicking on the “Explore the audit result” button from the notification about the complete audit or the project preview in the “My Projects” section.

Here, you can preview the audit and purchase the full version. Additionally, you have the option to start a new audit.

4. Buying a full audit

On the project page, you can purchase either the latest audit or one of the previously completed audits from the “Previous Audits” block.

So, you have decided to buy a full audit and clicked the appropriate button. The payment form will then open:

You can use a credit card from any bank or PayPal to make a payment. Payments are processed through the PayPro Global payment system. Due to the requirements of our payment partners and the compliance process, we do not accept payments from Russia and Belarus.

You can view your payment history and invoices in the “Payment History” section by selecting it in the user menu.

5. Studying the full audit

After purchasing the full version of the audit, buttons for navigating to report pages with upon-request details will appear in the project preview.

Traffic Attrition Reports consist of three reports: High-volume declined keywords, Lost keywords, and Unstable keywords. The switch for these reports is located under the general heading.

Key insights are displayed for each report separately.

Learn more about Traffic Attrition Reports here.

Easy to Rank Keywords Report consists of one page. Read more about the report here.

Navigation through projects, audits and reports

If you are on a project page, you can switch to another project by clicking on the My Projects button (it will return you to the starting section, where all your projects and their statuses are displayed).

Alternatively, you can utilize the “Switch by project” feature without leaving the current project page. If you have many projects, you can quickly find the one you need by entering any fragment of the site address into the search bar.

When you are on a report page, an additional toggle for the report is added to the navigation bar.

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