Hello! I am Matthias

Matthias Hotz
I have no more hair

As a child I wanted to be a truck driver, then a lumberjack and in the end it was enough to become an industrial clerk. I did the 11th grade twice and I also couldn't really cope with the German school system. That's why I've never seen a university from the inside and I've actually taught myself everything I'm really good at. What I am not so good at have probably been taught to me by other people :) ...

I built my first websites at the end of the 90s, back then with the Netscape Composer. I have been working as a software developer since 2000 and build both backends and frontends for webapplications. SEO was more or less always a part of it and what good is the best website for me if nobody can find it? Today I am Head Of Technical SEO at one of the largest German SEO agencies in Munich.

I enjoy metal, singlespeed, gravel, MTB, travel, SEO, caffeine and software development. I know (almost) everything about Italian espresso machines and more about international aviation than all Lufthansa managers together. Some people think I'm a kind of financial guru (my private blog in German language), but I don't.

Why does one develop an SEO tool / SEO check?

The first version of SEORCH the SEO Check
One of the first SEORCH versions

In 2011 I worked as a front-end developer for a German telecommunications company. There I developed the front-end (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) for the web shops where customers could order tariffs, cell phones or DSL routers. In the years before, I had a lot to do with search engine optimization, but not with Telco. One day the online marketing people came to us developers and presented a list of SEO mistakes.

We fixed the errors, but the many changes to the website and dozens of developers who worked on it caused new errors to creep in. So I needed a tool of some kind with which I can check pages for SEO problems and which would briefly list all errors. Then I started to build an SEO check. At some point I found it so good that I just put it online and from 2012 on anyone could use it.

SEORCH was created in my spare time and has grown over the years. Many of the tools and checks you can find here today were user-inspired. I often get an email asking whether a software solution could be found for a problem. If it's not too far-fetched and I believe that other users can also benefit from it, a new SEO tool is created.

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