SEO APIs for your application

Example of an SEO API

We offer various SEO data for agencies, webmasters and developers. This data can be accessed via API in order to easily integrate it into existing applications. This can be very different information: rankings, keyword suggestions, loading speed or content of URLs, suggestions from Amazon or a complete technical SEO analysis.
You save yourself the effort of gathering this information yourself, you don't have to worry about maintaining the interface and you use the same APIs as the SEO Checks from SEORCH. What you do with the data is completely up to you. You can use our SEO APIs in reports, to monitor SEO parameters or to improve your own application.
If you don't have software development resources, check out our White Label SEO solutions.

The advantages of the SEORCH SEO APIs

Our APIs are very easy to integrate as no complex authentication is required. All APIs return the data to you in JSON format, so that the results can easily be integrated into any software. We don't have a credit system. We agree a price based on your estimate and should you make more API requests than agreed, we will not block the API. You don't have to worry about any additional costs. If the API usage is permanently above the agreed limit, we will talk again.

Custom SEO APIs

Do you need a special SEO API which is exactly tailored to your needs? Just ask us - in the last few years we have developed custom APIs for dozens of customers that did not exist on this scale before. Starting with Amazon product data and SEO monitoring of competitors to the regular validation of XML sitemaps and HREFLang tags.

How do you get your SEO API?

Do you have any questions about the SEORCH SEO APIs?

Matthias Hotz
Your contact person

If you have any questions about our SEO APIs, please contact me.

The best thing to do is to send us a short email and we will make a phone appointment.

Matthias Hotz

Phone: +49 176 96 98 44 34

Overview of the available SEO APIs:

API Description Parameters
SEO Check API Complete OnPage Analysis (Example) URL, Keyword
SEO Check segments segmented SEO Check URL, Keyword, Segment
Page Performance / Core Web Vitals Google Page Speed ‚Äč‚ÄčAnalysis or Core Web Vitals (LCP, FID, CLS) URL
Suggest API Suggest API Suggest data (related keywords) from Google, Yandex, Amazon, YouTube, Ebay, Wikipedia, Yahoo, Google Shopping and Bing Keyword, Country, Language, Service
Age of a domain Domain age and last update URL
Backlinks API Number and source of Wikipedia backlinks for an URL URL, Country
HTML Validator API HTML check of a URL URL
Google Ranking API Top 100 Google search results for any keywords (desktop / mobile) Keyword, Country, Language
Google Local Ranking API Top 100 Google search results for any keywords (localized) Keyword, Country, Language, Location
Number of pages in the Google Index Number of pages in the Google Index for any domain Domain, Country, Language
Google Suggest API Google Suggest data (related keywords) for keywords with all letters and number variants Keyword, Country, Language
W Questions API All questions entered by users in Google for a specific keyword Keyword, Country, Language
Screenshot API Screenshot of any URL URL

Frequently asked questions - FAQ

What are SEO APIs?

An SEO API is a programming interface and provides you with data on various SEO KPIs which you can integrate into your software. This can be, for example, data on the loading speed of a URL, Google Top 100 rankings for keywords or information on the technical or content-related SEO status of a website.

How can I use an SEO API?

You can request the API via a URL. After a few seconds you will receive a structured result in JSON format which you can then use in your application. You can use the data for anything, e.g. to create SEO statistics, to improve your existing tools or to generate reports. The APIs can be used with any programming language (Java, Python, JavaScript, Ruby, etc.).

What do SEO APIs cost?

Most providers charge you per API request. This can quickly become very expensive, especially if you don't know how many inquiries you will make at the beginning. With the SEORCH SEO APIs you get a flat rate. You roughly estimate how often you will request the API and we will give you a price. Even if you should make more API requests, there are no additional costs.

What are the advantages of SEO APIs?

SEO data is not always easy to generate because it is usually not available in a structured format. On the other hand, Google blocks e.g. your IP and you can no longer access the data. The SEORCH SEO APIs relieve you of this problem and you can concentrate on your software.